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A range of Habitations (10 - 20mm scale) with detachable roofs and floors


High quality, hand-crafted modular hill segments suitable for all wargaming periods and scales.


A hexagon-based modular terrain-basing system that allows you to create superior gaming tables of any dimension or scale.

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The ultimate in modular terrain tiles.

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Terrain detailing and modelling tips.

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Summer 2016

Hello members and lurkers, UTTT is still alive and producing but, as usual, has not been keeping up with its communication duties. Upgraded my PC and operating system but have not been able to transfer my UTTT email addresses to the new century. Scrap al@uttt.com.au and enquiries@uttt.com.au and don't use the contact window to make enquiries.  Address all future enquiries to uttterrain@gmail.com.The plunging Australian dollar has had mixed effects. Lots of enquiries from the US (30 to 40% more buying power than 12 months ago) but a steep rise in the rubber and urethane costs for my products. The listed prices will hold until existing stock and chemicals are exhausted (very soon). Expect ~20% increase in urethane products and ~12% in epoxy resin stock in the near future. Plastics costs will rise by ~5% to cover storage expenses. Collector Tiles will remain unchanged as production of this range is limited.I want to show you what I've been making but this website is not a suitable vehicle for multi-image posting. I will retain it for the tutorials and stock lists but will create another venue for a more active discussion of my wares. Coming soon. (Yes, I can hear you laughing. That's a fair cop).PS Lost a lot of enquiries over the past 6 weeks due to the glitches. I wasn't ignoring you, just incompetent. Please repeat your requests to the above address. Have fun, stay sane.  Al




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2mm Scale Islands

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