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Materials and Manufacturing

All Collector Tiles, Overlays, Half-tiles, Terrain Inserts and Habitations are hand crafted in Epoxy resin. The addition of Expancel™ improves the adherence of paint and fillers and allows some carving not usually associated with this material. All Tile and Half-tile moulds are filled in stages. Each layer is allowed to harden before the next is applied. This laminating process increases the strength and rigidity of the items.

The Dies used to manufacture the Collector Tiles and Half-tiles have a tolerance of a tenth of a mm, and a stringent quality control procedure ensures a near faultless fit both horizontally and vertically.

All Masters are destroyed in the production of their mould. It is estimated that only 20 of each Tile, Half-tile and Habitation will ever be produced. Each item has a serial number and will be registered to the owner.

Please note: All tiles, half-tiles and spikes are supplied sealed but not painted or decorated. Whether you want to create a lush, green European landscape or re-create the parched desert terrain of Northern Africa is entirely decided by how you choose to decorate our products.