What payment types do you accept?

Payment will be by bank cheque, money order or direct deposit into the UTTT account only. Funds must be cleared before the goods will be dispatched. For payment please use the following details:

For payment by direct deposit use:
BPAY Biller code: 20206
Ref: 121901524
or use
BSB: 184446
Acc name: UTTT Pty Ltd ATF
Acc No: 121901524
For payment by cheque please make cheques payable to:
4 Homestead Place
Mt. Cotton
QLD Australia 4165

How many tiles can I purchase?

There are no limits to the numbers of plastic moulded tiles that a member or non-member can purchase in a year. There is a limit to the number of resin-noulded tiles that can be purchased. This will ensure an adequate supply for all members. "An individual can purchase a maximum of 12 tiles/half-tiles per year" (Purchase of the basic board is exempt from this edict, extra Packs are not). No Member or Non-member can purchase more than one of any new release before all members have had the opportunity to purchase that new item.



Primary terrain unit. Each hexagonal tile is accurate to ~0.1mm and depicts an item of terrain. They are designed to blend almost seamlessly with adjacent tiles of a similar type. This allows roads, gullies and slopes to be continuous and embedded in the surrounding terrain. You will need 20 tiles, 4 Half-tiles, 10 Spikes and 2 Tacks to create a 6'x 4' Gaming Board. The masters for each tile are destroyed in the mould-creating process. The useful life of each mould varies according to the amount of fine detail it contains, but it is likely that no more than 20 copies of each tile will ever be produced. Each Tile has a unique serial number and will be registered to the owner.


These items are designed to square-off the ends of your wargame table. Special Half-tiles will be designed so that roads and gullies can enter from all map-end locations, and hills can be placed on the fringes of the board. Half-tiles have a unique serial number and will be registered to the owner.


These are triangular terrain pieces designed to square-off the sides of your table. You will need 10 spikes for a 6' x 4' game board. The large variety of spikes (12 different types so far) will allow roads and gullies to exit the board edge and hills to be placed on the fringes of the gaming table.


These are small triangular half-spikes two of which are needed to square off the corners of your rectangular gaming board. They will be provided free of charge with any purchase of 5 or more tiles or half-tiles.


Certain tiles have rectangular recesses designed to allow the placement of a building. Only small and medium habitations are available at this time but the modular nature of the system allows for inter-changeability of buildings (and ruins). By using different habitations you can use the same terrain for various ages of warfare. All Habitations have detachable roofs and separate levels where applicable.

Terrain Insert:

Certain tiles have field boundaries or road verges that have slots for lateral terrain (hedges, walls etc). I can supply your choice of either low hedge or stone wall terrain inserts of various shapes designed to fit these slots or, since the slots are the same width as an ice cream stick, you can mount your favourite fences instead.

Terrain Bases:

These are galvanised iron plates used as bases for your woods, crops and alternate habitations. They will be provided free of charge whenever you purchase a tile/half-tile that can accommodate habitations, woods or fields.


Resin terrain feature designed to be attached to a DIY plastic base. If correctly attached using a Botting Board (see tutorial), the resultant terrain piece will be compatible with the Collector Series to within 0.2mm.

Griffin Terrain System Pack:

The Griffin Terrain System Pack contains the hill and road templates which allow you to construct a 'botting board' for precise overlay attachment (see tutorial). You will even be able to build your own terrain compatible with the Collector Series tiles."