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Pack Name O0H1,2,3
Average Weight 265g( 3 units )
Price $64.00 ( for 3 )
Price ( Without Habitation ) $48.00*

*Prices quoted are for the overlays ONLY. They do not include the base to which the overlay is attached. Add $16 per full tile, $11 per half-tile or $6 per spike if you want to include the base in your order


O0H123 - Hill Set

O0H3 - Hill 3

O0H3 - Hill 3


A set of three small hills you can add to your board. The smaller ones have been designed to fit the half-tiles, giving partial cover on the flanks of your board.

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O0H1 and O0H2 - Small Hills

Please note: All stock supplied unpainted and without added detail.