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Pack Name BART basic
Price $11.00
Pack Name BART Beach 1
Price $22.00
Pack Name BART Boulevard
Price $55.00
Pack Name BART Bridge
Price $44.00
Pack Name BART Tile
Price $16.00

Further discounts for larger volumes are available to UTTT members wishing to become distributors (disciples).


The Beach And River Tile (BART) is the latest release in the DIY plastic base tile range and has more uses than a dead cat. (Sorry cat lovers but it was a funny book). BART is a split level tile that allows you to incorporate rivers, lakes, swamps and beaches into you terrain.

The Bart tile is the same price as the Basic tile. Discounts for multiple purchases as per Basic tile. $20

BART has many outfits, all interchangeable

Bart’s Basics

2x100x50 segments, 1x50x50 segment, a 62x50 multi-use segment and a drain. $10

Bart’s Beach 1

Same dimensional breakdown as above. Sand and rock with a sloped shoreline. Multi-use segment is a wooden pier. $20

Bart’s Boulevard

A 100x50 warehouse/watermill (wheel in development), a 50x50 Blockhouse/pillbox, 1x100x50 segment, a 62x50 multi-use segment and a drain. $50

Bart’s Bridge

A 320mm long, basically crafted, stone bridge in 4 sections. You can detail the superstructure, or replace the middle pair of segments with a lifting segment (e.g. Pegasus Bridge). Now, THAT’s a Bridge. $40