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Product Name Basic Board
Average Weight 12.75kg
Basic Board Member Price A$349.00 + P&P
Tile Price $16.00 each, 26 (full box) for $349.00 + P&P
Half-tile Price $11 each
Spike Price $6 each
Tack Price $16.00 pair (epoxy, handcrafted)


  Basic Board  

To become a member of UTTT, you are required to purchase a basic board. (See Membership). This board comprises of:

Blank tile Blank half-tile Blank tack and spike      
20 Blank Tiles 4 Blank Half-tiles 10 Blank Spikes
2 Blank Tacks

The combination of these tiles, half-tiles, spikes and tacks will allow you to create the basic board layout as shown below. The dimensions are 4' x 5'10".

Basic board

Basic board