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Product Name Snagga
Price $8.00 for 12pack

Further discounts for larger volumes are available to UTTT members wishing to become distributors (disciples)


The Snagga is a small plastic clamp that holds the DIY tiles rigidly in place. This prevents tile movement, maintains battlefield integrity, and allows hex boards of any dimension to be created with a geometric tolerance of 0.2mm.

The plastic tile’s sides have a grit taper which begins about halfway down. To get the best tile fit it may be necessary to lightly sand any flashing found at this junction.

To make your DIY tiles compatible with the Collector Series, you will have to remove a 3mm deep semicircle from the underside of all 6 hex vertices. I use a lightweight angle grinder; each tile takes less than a minute. (Sorry, Evolution doesn’t work backwards. The tile came before the clip)

Each Snagga locks 3 tiles in place. The more you use, the better the tile integrity.

The result will be a seamless, stable terrain setup. Well worth the effort.