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Tile Number 19
Tile Name Mont St.Magin
Average Weight 2.2kg
Price $450.00
Price ( Without Habitations and Terrain inserts ) $220.00
Tile 19 - Mont St Magin

Tile 19 - Mont St Magin

  Tile 19 - Mont St.Magin  

A stand-alone village or part of an extended urban landscape of narrow streets and narrower laneways, you can start your city with three of these tiles. They form an high-rise landscape surrounding a hexagonal park. This tile can come with 3x Two-story medium Habitations, 3x Small Habitations, and 5x angled terrain inserts. Imagine the shops with awnings and signs and each intersection with a streetlight. Yum!

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Tile 19 - Mont St.Magin

Please note: All stock is supplied sealed but not painted or detailed.