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Tile Number 4
Tile Name Taylor's Farm
Average Weight 1.6kg
Price $225.00
Price ( Without Habitations and Terrain inserts ) $125.00
  Tile 4 - Taylor's Farm  

This highly detailed piece can come with a Medium and small Habitation, 2x 50x50 and 1x 100x50 forest insert bases, 3x 50x50 crop insert bases and your choice of hedge or stone wall terrain inserts ( 4x corners, 3 straights, and one gate). The forest can be scrub depending on your insert detail and if you omit one or both of the Habitations (replace them with a flocked insert base), the piece becomes less defendable. Taylor's Farm is dedicated to Paul Taylor, a master craftsman and tenacious opponent.

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Tile 4 - Taylor's Farm

Please note: All stock is supplied sealed but not painted or detailed.