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Construction of the BOTing Board

Figure 1 - Overlays

Fig 1 - Overlays

The final stage in the production of the Collector Series tiles is the "Board Of Truth". Each new tile is compared against a precision template and then filled, sanded and/or raised to ensure a near perfectly level playing field. Accurate BOT"ing is essential if you want seamless interchangeable battlefields.

This "Botting" process is now your job. If you want to create your world, it all starts with the precise placement of the Hill Overlays onto the base tiles. I can supply templates to allow accurate placement of the overlays (Fig 1) but you have to make your own Botting Board. With practise, a tolerance of 0.2mm is not unknown

Here's how you make it

Figure 2

fig 2.

Step 1

Find yourself a perfectly flat board that you're not going to need for anything else. It is going to become your botting board and as such will need to be kept flat and protected for the next 50 years. It needs to be big enough to hold a tile ( Fig 2).

Figure 3

fig 3.

Step 2

Place the slope sections as shown in (Fig 3). Lightly sand the lower edges of the slopes to get the tightest fit then permanently attach them to the board with a suitable epoxy/wood adhesive. Let the glue dry fully before continuing.

Figure 4

fig 4.

Step 3

The slope sections provide the back support for a number of different templates ( Fig 4). These templates must meet at their inside edges and not overlap at the vertex of the slope sections (0.6mm error). A minute amount of epoxy putty in the joint will stop overlap and slippage of the template. Let the putty dry fully before continuing.

Step 4

Position a tile on the board with inserts in place (Fig 5 ). Whilst firmly holding the tile against the templates, permanently glue the rubber restraint as shown in ( Fig 6). Once dry, you have a functioning "Botting board" (Fig 7).

Figure 5 Figure 6 Figure 7 Figure 8

fig 5.

fig 6.

fig 7.

fig 8.

Note: Using the same assembly procedure with the Griffin Terrain System Extension Pack allows you can construct an advanced "Botting board" (Fig 8). Botting three hex-sides and two vertices at a time speeds up the process and improves the accuracy.

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